School Council

School Council – Teacher Lead: Miss Beaton


At Skerne Park Academy our school council aims to provide a safe, happy and fair learning environment. We take an active role in organising school events and provide opportunities for pupil voice. Pupils are given the opportunity to express their views and make positive contributions towards the school. We work with other communities/organisations to allow new experiences, healthy lifestyles and a broader curriculum to be achieved. Through our school council meetings we teach the children skills they need to be able to make decisions which impact positively upon our school.


As a school, we value our School Counsellors as their voice and ideas are integral to making our school the inspiring, joyful and enthusiastic place it is. The election of our school counsellors is held annually at the start of each academic year. Every child in our school is given the opportunity to write a speech in which they present themselves for election, to staff and pupils. Children then vote democratically for who they feel will suit the roles of a school counsellor. Each class votes for their own class counsellors who represent them at the fortnightly meetings. Once these children have been elected, we then vote for the other roles within the council. These roles include chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. School council meetings are held fortnightly where the council’s secretary takes minutes. These minutes are then fed back to everyone within the school. At Skerne Park we use pupil voice as a way of communicating everyone’s ideas and opinions. During our meetings, every idea, question or opinion from across year groups is listened to and discussed. These discussions then form our projects or next steps.


Our children will have the knowledge and skills to be able to make appropriate decisions and express their opinions respectfully. The children experience a democratic vote and show mutual respect and tolerance through this. It will provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.


Photo of our School Council coming soon!